woman's silk blue shirt and neoprene navy blue ladies skirt

Washing silk at home.


What an amazing weekend!

I have just celebrated my first son’s Barmitzvah! I have to say it was definitely my proudest moment as a parent to date. That feeling is incomparable to any other.

For the event I chose to wear navy. Navy is a neutral colour that is sophisticated and stylish and at the same time contemporary. Being that the Barmitzvah took place in the day I also thought navy was more appropriate than black, but a good balance in the colour department 😉

So now I had the colour chosen, next came the style and fabric. I knew I wanted to make a circle skirt with neoprene. Neoprene is a fairly new fabric often used for making bags and scuba diving clothing. Being a stiff fabric, I thought neoprene would be great for my circle skirt. It would be able to hold its shape.

So style sorted…off to source the fabric. I headed over to a fantastic shop in Fitzroy on Brunswick Street, called The Fabric Store! (Love the name ;)) The staff were super helpful and were ready with some great advice. Thankfully they had some neoprene fabric in navy. I was hoping for a printed neoprene, however that is difficult to find. I settled on a navy neoprene, and the spotted a vibrant print for the shirt made from 100% silk.

I was not put off by the concept of silk fabric, even though the perception is often that it can only be dry cleaned. Properties of silk include, low density making it a light and comfortable fabric for clothing, high resistance to deformation, good insulation properties keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, silk is the strongest natural fibre available and lastly it shimmers and shines. And we all love a shimmer and shine!

So off home I went to begin working on my creation. The silk was beautiful to work with, the neoprene…a lot more challenging. But the final result was great. I enhanced my outfit with fabulous shoes from Zomp, a hip and über trendy shoe shop in Melbourne.

The next thing I needed was a pair of earrings. These I purchased from KassKo, blue pearl half-moon gold earrings, I was now set.


Well here I am now, after the event…and a silk shirt that needs to be cleaned! I am going to try to wash it my self using a few techniques and see how we go. I am really all about practical clothing and easy to wear, so I’m hoping my silk shirt will survive my testing and then I can wear it more frequently and not worry about dry cleaning. img_8912.jpg

So here goes…

The first thing I did was fill a clean bucket with cold water.


Then I added a small amount of wool detergent, I suppose you could use any type of delicate detergent.

Then agitate the water gently to mix the detergent through the fabric.


Next we need to empty the water from the bucket. Gently rinse the silk fabric in cold water, till all the soap residue has disappeared.

Now add a couple of drops of conditioner to the bucket with the silk. Agitate in a little water and then gently remove excess water. Do not rinse conditioner out from shirt.


To remove excess water, lay the silk garment in a towel and press out in the towel. Do not twist or wring as this will damage the fabric.

Remove silk garment from the towel and hang the wet garment on the washing line to dry naturally. Do not hang in the sun as this could damage the fibres.


Okay, now I will leave my shirt to dry and come back to advise on how I went!

Woohoo! My shirt is dry, I ironed it on the wool setting and success!

My silk shirt looks great and feels soft as silk 😉




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